About the S.H.A.

Originally chartered in 1961, the Swansboro Historical Association was revived in May 2008 with over 60 members.

Our mission is to encourage and promote public knowledge of, and interest in the history and culture of all the peoples of Swansboro, its adjacent waterways, and Onslow County through education and preservation.

Goals & Purpose:

  1. To preserve historic structures and sites, and contributing structures, for the purpose of educating others about our region's past.
  2. To educate citizens about historic preservation issues, the designated Swansboro Historic District, and to support individuals in historic restoration efforts.
  3. To collect, preserve, and share the history of our town and region through public gatherings and programs.
  4. To cooperate with town, county, and regional governments and businesses to maintain the historic characters of our town and region, and promote history as a vital component of economic development through tourism.
  5. To pursue opportunities for permanent public exhibition space for the history and culture of Swansboro and its neighbors.

Become A Volunteer!

The Swansboro Historical Association, Inc. welcomes everyone over the age of fourteen for membership regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, creed, or place of residency. In addition, the organization endorses no political positions or candidates.

Volunteers are key to Swansboro Historical Association. Do you have any of the following talent or skills? Let us know and get involved!

  • On site research of local history
  • Oral Interviews with local residents
  • Online research of local history
  • Art / Music / Drama / Reenactment
  • Restoration Standards/Codes/Tax Benefits
  • Public Presentations
  • Fund raising & Advertising
  • Attend Government Meetings/Workshops
  • Printing / Publishing / Website Development
  • Organizing Public Events
  • Newsletter

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