211 S. Elm Street

This house was built by Charles R. Webb (1874-1951) for his family, including his wife, Pauline (1876-1959) and children, Richard T. (b. 1898); Clyde R. (b. 1897) father of Horace C. Webb; Horace J. (father of Joe Webb and Paula Webb Keagy) and Aleta (b. 1911) mother of Dick Kellum. Charles was a local carpenter who built several houses in Swansboro. And since his family had grown so quickly he built a two story house on Church Street in 1911 where they lived the rest of their lives and is now owned and occupied by Butch Webb, great-grandson of Charles R. Webb. All five of these decendents are living within 5 blocks of this “home place”. In addition, the house on Church Street was built beside a house being built by Charles Webb’s brother, Ernest T. Webb.

This house is currently owned by well known local artist and musician, Jack Ketner. In doing the interior renovation he discovered multiple renovations done over the years, adapting his work to maintain as much of the original as possible.