Heritage Center Open!

The Swansboro Area Heritage Center will be opening on Memorial Day weekend!  Stay tuned for an opening event before Memorial Day to which all are invited.

The Center will be OPEN:

Friday, May 26 • 11:00-3:00

Saturday, May 27 • 11:00-3:00

Monday, May 29 • 11:00-3:00




1:00 -4:00 pm



Th, Fri & Sat.

1:00-4:00 pm


Other times the Center may be open by appointment.


A suggested donation of attendees is $2.00. If you are a member it is free.  Now, we need volunteers to cover the Center for these days and hours. Any amount of time you can serve your Center and your community will be appreciated!  Whether 4 hours a month or 4 hours a week, we really need your help to get the Center off to a great start!`