Notecards featuring a painting of the Swansboro waterfront are being sold as a fundraiser for the Swansboro Historical Association

The cards are sold as a package of 10 All-occasion cards for $12 and are available at local stores on Front Street.  All proceeds go to the Historical Association general fund to support the development of the Swansboro Area Heritage Center as well as programs.

The Heritage Center is located at 502 W. Church Street, Swansboro, the former police station.  This historic building was  in completed in 1928 as the Emmerton School by Unitarians.  The Assembly Hall was used as the first movie theater in the area.  In 1931 the building was sold to the Swansboro United Methodist Church for services and a parsonage.  Later it became the town library, police station, and town hall.  Currently the building is shared with One Harbor Church and the Heritage Center.

This building was damaged during Hurricane Florence in September, 2018, but is due to reopen soon.

Please help support the Swansboro Historical Association and contribute to the continued development of the Heritage Center by purchasing notecards. They are available for sale at the businesses on Front Street and by contacting:
Ann VonHoorn at 860-671-1278.  All proceeds are donated to the Association.