503 Sabiston Drive

This cottage style home reflects the craftsmanship of John Rogers, a popular local carpenter who built a number of houses in town. The owner of record Rob L. Williams Sr. was born 1868 in Wilmington to T. J. Williams (died ca. 1870) and C. Alice Williams with sister, Ida, and brother, Thomas. In 1875 his mother married Daniel H. Russell of Swansboro, living in Wilmington since the Civil War helping construct the bridge.

Around 1888 Daniel purchased Huggins Island where he and Alice started a farm. By this time Ida had married Thomas M. Ward of Swansboro where they lived. Rob soon met and married Ida Pittman, daughter of John Pittman, raised on the family farm on Main Street (later the farm of Seth and Elsie Pittman Jones, parents of Susan Jones Casper). Their son, Rob L. Williams, Jr., married Mary Bell Weeks (1939), daughter of Orin Weeks owner and operator of the early 20th century saw mill where the Bicentennial Park is now located.

He inherited the house in 1953 where he and his family lived. Today, the house is furnished with antiques inherited from the family of present owner, Louisa Ringo. The cottage garden, designed and planted by the owner, is divided into “rooms”, planted with vegetation taking advantage of solar variations.