108 Walnut Street The house is a typically constructed wood frame, two story house, described as a triple-A, three-bay I-house plan with a two tier front porch and a two story ell, built in 1901 as a parsonage for the pastor of the Swansboro Baptist Church. Technically, these pastors served Bear Creek, Piney Grove and Enon Chapel Baptist Churches until 1951, but the parsonage was owned solely by Swansboro Baptist Church.

Swansboro Baptist organized with a Sunday School in 1896, then as a church in 1897. The first pastor was Rev. Ben Ward, presumed to have been the first to live in the parsonage. The church had 23 pastors up to and including Rev. L. J. Atkinson living in the parsonage. In 1960 Rev. Atkinson moved to the new parsonage adjacent to the sanctuary completed in 1957 on Highway 24.