Talk on Hurricanes by Jay Barnes

WHERE: The Assembly Room of the Swansboro Old Town Hall, 502 Church Street.

TIME: 6:30 P.M.

DATE: February 5, 2019


The Swansboro Historical Association is pleased to announce that Jay Barnes, President and CEO of the nonprofit North Carolina Aquarium Society will be presenting a program on Hurricanes in the Swansboro Heritage Center/One Harbor Church auditorium on February 5, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

In his position he works with Aquarium staff, members of the Board and the business and philanthropic community to generate private support for the three North Carolina Aquariums and Jeannette’s Pier. He has worked with the Aquariums since 1980, and was Director of the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores for more than twenty years.He is a graduate of N.C. State University’s College of Design and received a master’s in advertising design from Syracuse University.

Jay is the author of several books on hurricanes, including North Carolina’s Hurrican History(fourth edition),and Faces From the Flood:Hurricane Floyd Remembered, co-authored with NC State Treasurer Richard Moore(all fromUNC Press).He has also  published Hurricane Hazel in the Carolinas(Arcadia Publishing). 

As a Hurricane Historian, Jay lectures widely on U.S. hurricanes,and has appeared in various productions  for the Weather Channel, the History Channel, Discovery, and other news and media outlets. He’s an occasional contributor to Our State and Wildlife in NC magazines. He presents programs for universities, museums, corporations and governmental agencies.

Jay Barnes has studied the storms that have impacted North Carolina and Florida for several decades. His books not only feature meteorological records and accounts of physical damages, but offer amazing human stories of rescue, survival and recovery.

Since Hurricane Florence hit the town of Swansboro this past Fall, the Swansboro Historical Association has begun collecting the stories of the people who stayed, who left, who were devestated and have begun the long process of rebuilding. 

No one knows when or where a Hurricane will strike, but we do know it will blast ashore somewhere and cause massive destruction-perhaps even greater than that caused by all previous storms. There is no way  to avoid the foreboding reality of another storm, so  we must ask are we ready for the next great hurricane?

Please visit with Jay following the presentation at a reception in the Museum. Since his latest appointment as CEO his travel trips are tightly scheduled. We are so pleased to have him visit us here in the ” Friendly City by the Sea” which was so heavily impacted by Hurricane Florence.

This program is free and open to the public. Donations to  the Heritage Center and memberships to the Swansboro Historical Association will be much appreciated.